The Reality of Grad School

The reality of graduate school is that it’s more than an ambitious word that has the potential to roll nicely off of your tongue – it’s life changing and if you are not mindful it can change you into someone or something you do not realize. It’s stressful. It’s time consuming. It’s challenging. It stretches you beyond your comfort zone. It forces you to adapt to new stress relieving habits that contribute to your overall health. It changes the way you think – you move from being an emotional thinker to a thinker guided by empirical evidences. It changes your priorities and forces you to put some dreams and pursuits on hold. It increases your appetite for knowledge. It leaves you hungry to make a difference and apply what you know to the real world. It forces you to address emotions, you were not aware existed within you.

Grad school is transformational and it’s helping me to become a full woman. I am grateful. I’ve learnt to say “no” to tasks that don’t fit into my academic goals at the moment. Grad school forces you to prioritize and I’m not saying “no” to a dream or opportunity forever but for a moment so that I can bring one dream to life. I’ve learnt that you need a support system to provide emotional support because your emotions WILL be tested in time. Keep your friends and family close but set clear boundaries. We need others as we study.

There are some dreams that seem easy and doable but in reality they are challenging and call for sacrifice on our part – grad school falls into this category.

And can I share a secret with you? I am not even half way through my program but I am reaping the benefits already. It’s mind blowing what you can achieve and learn when you open your heart to the wonders of a new and challenging experience.

Perhaps the added skills and life lessons we learn while sojourning through grad school are bonuses to receiving that MA, MS, MBA behind our names.

– Dee




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Dentrecia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi everyone! I am Dentrecia from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, West Indies! I am currently pursuing the MA program in Communication, Media and Public Relations via distance learning! I am overwhelmingly interested in communication,media trends and issues surrounding women and emotional health. Join me as I juggle studies and an active career in Public Relations.

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