What’s YOUR Brand?

Even without opening ours mouth, we demonstrate who we are and what we stand for by our dress, postures, gestures, scents…..even before others meet us face to face they have already monitored or researched us using google…Social media et al., and whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a brand that we are either promoting or destroying.

A short course I am enrolled in with the University has forced me to consider my personal brand. Personal branding has become a watch phrase for every student, freelancer and entrepreneur. It defines who you are to others. It’s your personal ‘label’- who others consider you to be.

In our technologically advanced time where our digital footprints carry a power unknown to even the greatest minds, it’s imperative for us to be conscious of the brand we are ‘selling’ whether digitally or face to face. It is a matter of life or death and for a media student – it IS that serious. Brands – we can’t escape their impact. They shape our thinking and perception; they affect our livelihood; they sell our characters and values; and successful business owners and freelancers are conscious of their brand because your brand greatly impacts your future success.

It’s the difference between receiving that opportunity for a breaking story and going another month without an assignment. Our brand affects our livelihood. My brand,online and offline, affects my line of work.

With an ever-increasing awareness of brands, one must ask him or herself…what is my brand? What are my values? What is my personality type? How is this reflected in my choice of dress, words, actions….in my tasks? Am I actively building a powerful brand or am I destroying a brand that has the potential to be great? This is food for though as we each move closer or take the necessary steps to achieving success.

– Dee


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