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I thought I would just look back at how I got started with the Mass communications programme at Leicester. I applied with high hopes and some uncertainty about whether I would be able to successfully complete the programme. To say the least, acceptance into the programme was a very exciting moment for me. I couldn’t wait to see what I would learn and what they had to teach me. I was ready for anything. I fully expected all the hard work and difficulties, all the stress from assignments and deadlines. I knew it would be very difficult work and I was prepared to do it. However, being a distance learning experience proved to be more difficult than anticipated. In local universities, it had been so simple to easily contact a lecturer to discuss a topic or go over a class lesson, but upon starting the programme as a distance learning student I felt uncertain about a lot of things and I never knew the right questions to ask. As a new distance learning student especially in a master’s programme it can be fearful, confusing and stressful, it is not something for the faint hearted. I realised I simply had to take to time to find my footing. I have learnt dedication more than anything else from this experience it is a significant part of the programme as well as an important part of what is required of the working world. The entire experience of my programme has made me able to prioritise my important tasks and to be able to better manage a work schedule so that I can accomplish all necessary responsibilities. Furthermore, with perseverance I worked hard throughout the programme; I read extensively, did research on different topics, spoke to people in the communications field about their opinions on different topics and with the help of a dedicated tutor I am able to move forward smoothly through the programme.

Doing this master’s degree has allowed me to realize just how much I enjoy my chosen field. I’m realizing more and more how much I adore learning about communications methods, writing and researching. After being hesitant and unsure at first to enter this programme, worrying constantly about whether it was something that I would be successful in, I was able to strengthen and grow as a person. Every day I open my eyes to new experiences and new ways of thinking about the world. It’s developed my critical thinking so that I can make more analytical decision and develop extensive research techniques that will be beneficial in the working world. Leicester degree programme has enabled me to develop experience and knowledge in areas of interest through intensive discussions and practical work. Through the hard work that I have put into the programme I have realised that this the career that I would enjoy getting involved in and so I am willing to push myself to do what is necessary to get started in pursuing a career in this field.


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Nikita Y

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Nikita has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, I’m Nikita from the sweet twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a Postgraduate student in Mass Communications by Distance Learning. I plan to get into the communications and advertising industry as I have a passion for it. I also love writing so I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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