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Nothing pierces the heart like a low grade on an assignment you were convinced you would do excellently in; but bad grades do happen to good students occasionally and they should serve as power packed messages that tell us of ways in which we can do better the next time.

The waiting period between handing in my first assignment and receiving my grade was one filled with anxiety. The wait was over when I saw feedback in my inbox. I opened the message and the grade I saw stunned me. Never in all of my academic life had I received such a low grade. I had given this assignment my all and a low grade screamed, “Your best is not enough.” When I received my mark for my first assignment; I was deeply hurt. It was low. It was disappointing. It was a failure according to my standard.

I moped for a few days…withdrew from those around me and eventually opened up to my classmates and those closest to me. The overwhelming love and support that I received from fellow distance learners was a great encouragement. Group chats and pages are excellent ways to stay connected to your classmates. That love and support received from my classmates, gave me the courage to lick my wounds, consider how I can improve my writing to meet the standard and tackle my next assignment head on.

Let’s face it, in the academic world, failure can cost you a few dollars and lost opportunities, but that shouldn’t discourage us – we should constantly seek to use these moments of failure as teachable moments to do better next time.

I’m working on Assignment 3 and I’m awaiting my grade for the second assignment; I no longer sing the low grade blues because I believe that indeed failure is not fatal…it can be the greatest teacher if we embrace it with an open heart. Failure can either define you or destroy you and if we allow it, it can serve as fuel to push us toward that better grade, smarter studying technique, excelling in the course, proving ourselves wrong.

So here is to better grades; here is to working smarter and liaising with our advisor to produce the best work possible; here is to forgiving ourselves when we slip up; here is to tacking the task again even when we have lost motivation; here is to believing  that failure is not fatal…or final…but fuel to do better the next time.

“Remember that failure is not the opposite of success; but it is part of success.” – Unknown


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