Best Ways to Stay Awake

A common part of being a student is extensive study and numerous assignments some of which can’t be completed during the day, especially if you’re a student that also has a job. As a result many nights we’ll be up at for long hours that run into the morning time studying or doing assignments. So it is essential to have means of being able to stay awake during these late nights when work has to be done.

So my personal number one method for staying up late to get work done is a bit of coffee. Coffee is probably the universally accepted way for university students to stay awake when attempting to get school work done. A bit of coffee is the single most effective method for me, so not only does it taste good but it’s handy with helping me stay up on those late study sessions.

Exercise breaks are also a great way to stay up. When you start to feel tired doing some exercise to stimulate the body can help wake you up. So a good cardio session such as a run on the treadmill, jumping jack, jump rope or a bit of any kind of cardio can be helpful and it’s also good way to keep in shape.

Now this next method may not necessarily be an accepted form, but the Skittles Candy has proved effective for me. Taste the rainbow! It has always worked for me but I have heard that a high sugar intake can cause a person to crash and fall asleep, however, I have found Skittles a very handy snack for long nights.

Another method that i really find effective is watching funny television shows or videos. After the monotony of late night, constant studying, taking 20 minutes to watch something really funny whether it’s a television show or a YouTube video, it will be helpful in keeping your mind active.

Cold showers are by far my least favorite since I have an aversion to cold water but nonetheless taking a cold shower has been a good way of terribly scaring my body awake and making me more alert.

Another great way to stay awake is to play some music during your late night session that makes you feel to get up and dance. An excellent way to beat sleep is to get up and dance to keep the body and mind alert.

So, I thought I would share some of the ways that I have found really helpful when I’m up late at night doing work. At some point we all have that moment when we need to pull an all-night session to meet deadlines and can’t seem to stay awake.


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