Read EVERY line!

When a student decides to fund his educational experience, that student must be prepared to experience a certain level of delayed gratification in his or her life. That’s my testimony: I am a distant learning student who is funding my education with freelance jobs and a day job because being “in debt” is not an option. Luckily for me, the distance learning post graduate program of Leicester is relatively cheaper than most graduate schools, thus anyone who is smart with money matters, will find a way to fund his education wholly or partially.

I’ve had to dramatically shift my priorities (that includes saying ‘no’ to that dress, trip, toy and experience) and make necessary lifestyle changes to meet the complex demands. Keeping my eyes on the prize and the bigger picture is not always as easy as others would make it seem but it is something that I actively do.

With the reality of paying for my education ever before me I am always alert to additional income opportunities. The other evening while browsing through my social media accounts, I saw a job offer to be a virtual social media strategist for a reputable health company. The duties were doable, the cause aligned with my values, the salary was impressive – this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me – maybe even a gift from heaven.

I glimpsed through the job’s description and began making my video (this was a requirement) and completing my cover letter and adjusting my resume. I was excited at how things were working along in my favor finally. I logged into my email, uploaded all the required documents and began typing my cover note…suddenly something told me to read through the job description again one last time before I clicked send. I always listen to that “still small voice” that guides me and so I went to the site and began to read again. As I read my excitement began to build and I knew that this was the job for me…then, my eyes met one line…that last line in the document that said, “this job opportunity only applies to US residents”….I paused. Clearly, I missed this line in my previous “readings” …that line excluded me from applying since I reside in the Caribbean. My heart stopped. I stared at the line for 5 minutes, unaware of how I could have possibly missed that line…I decided that it was for a reason that is best and returned to my email a little disappointed and deleted the mail. Another opportunity will present itself.

I’m encouraging you to read EVERY line before you apply for a job opportunity because sometimes in our excitement of attaining a new “blessing” we miss important information.

Let me know of your internship, freelance or working experiences as you fund your education.

Let me know of an incident where you misjudged an opportunity because you didn’t read every line as you should have.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Dentrecia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi everyone! I am Dentrecia from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, West Indies! I am currently pursuing the MA program in Communication, Media and Public Relations via distance learning! I am overwhelmingly interested in communication,media trends and issues surrounding women and emotional health. Join me as I juggle studies and an active career in Public Relations.

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