Unrequited Love

We’ve all been there – we were hopelessly and maybe even desperately in love with someone who didn’t return our love. No matter what we tried or said we were met with disappointment and despair, our deep love was never returned. It’s a tragedy really. In a sense school can feel like a one sided relationship especially when you are giving it your all and you get nothing but sleepless nights, and delayed dreams. In the middle of your relationship with school you wonder, “is this worth it” and “does it make sense to continue sacrificing so much?” We have experienced temporary withdrawal and a lack of motivation during a module or semester at school. You want to stop but you don’t want to disappoint yourself or your loved ones. You try to motivate yourself with positive self-talk but it isn’t enough to sustain your motivation.

I’m suggesting that you commit yourself to accomplishing six simple things when you feel like your love for your course is like a bad relationship that is dotted with unrequited love.

1) Be honest and talk about your emotions with a mentor

2) Attack the task everyday, in little pieces

3) Keep your eye on the prize.

4) Sleep well. Don’t forsake sleep.

5) Reward yourself for small achievements. For me it’s a green smoothie, for you it may be an hour of your favorite show.

6) Exercise 30 minutes every day. You don’t have to join a gym, you can find free fitness videos online.

These are proven tips that have worked for me when I felt as if I couldn’t complete my module. In a previous post I mentioned that it’s always a matter of trial and error until you find something that works for your specific situation. I encourage you to try my suggestions if you don’t have tips that work for you. If you have tips that have proven to be successful, please share them below!


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2 responses to “Unrequited Love”

  1. David Lozano

    That’s the key: don’t forget to get some time for yourself to relax…

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