Intuition or Intellect?

I’m now a fully fledged, overwhelmed third year student, who finds herself moaning on all social network platforms and complaining about the trials and tribulations of the final year, whilst finding the work load immensely challenging. Moreover, trying to explain this to your employer (who wants to keep upping your shifts) , becomes increasingly difficult as they occasionally struggle to understand the importance of your degree – I digress.

I’ve chosen to take my dissertation under the discipline of Sociology, (mainly for the passion that I hold for the subject and secondly due to the well organised department), however, my comments can be applied to any given topic.

I’m about half way through my dissertation (intro, lit review and methodology completed), and I now seem to be trapped in this constant back and forth of perfection between myself and my supervisor regarding my ambitious concept. Although his support has enabled my work to improve significantly, I’ve started to feel as if my project is slipping out of my own grasp and reflecting the interests of a textbook. Although his advice is undoubtedly relevant and he is the first marker (so I certainly need to take on his alterations), I often have trouble processing the information presented. I’m starting to wonder whether I should rely on my own intuition (I’m a capable and reasonably intelligent young lady – who is very determined) and have trust in my work thus far, or whether I should fully devote myself to my supervisor’s intellect, metaphorically bending over backwards to ensure I achieve the best grade under his advice.

One thing that I have learnt regarding dissertations, is that they aren’t independently governed research projects like we are made to think. Although we are left with this impression throughout our university degree, there are multiple criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to reassure your supervisor and gain a successful grade. This can be incredibly stressful when you feel as if you are on to something magical and it has to be reeled back in for being too ambitious. I’m very thankful for having an incredibly helpful supervisor but at the moment, it all feels a bit too much!

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Nia has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi, my name is Nia and I’m a third year student studying with the University. I’m currently reading for a Media and Sociology degree so I will be blogging about these topics (yes they can be related!). I have a huge passion for writing and fill every spare minute I have in the day with blogging and writing feature articles for various people I work with. However, writing about an academic subject is all new to me, so hang on whilst I stumble around in the dark, looking to switch the light on!

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