Veggies for days!

As my time at Leicester draws to a close, I’ve started to look back on the city with nothing but adoration. Some of the novelties that I tended to ignore as a fresher, have now developed to become the aspects of Leicester that I love. If you’re a food lover then you would struggle to go hungry in the city center as a massive culture clash results in a party for your taste buds. The array of delicacies encourage you to spice up some of your home cooking a little and a trip to the market will help you to do just that!

This semester, my housemates and I have come to fall in love with the daily veggie market in Leicester city center. Filled with beautifully rich fruit and veg at low prices (compared to your local value supermarket, you’d be in shock), the market seems to be a facet of society that will shortly become a distant memory. There’s nothing more fulfilling than cooking an entire meal using nothing but fresh veg – it’s become a bit of an obsession of mine.



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