Bonjour France!

This week, I’ve jetted off to the South-West of France to visit my parents briefly. Don’t get too jealous, it’s very grey – I didn’t even get to view the solar eclipse. Anyway, it’s quite refreshing to be out of an educational environment and relax in a peaceful home where there are no students quietly weeping in the corner due to their heavy workloads – myself included. Thankfully, Bergerac has helped to distract me from the fact that I’m nearing some very important deadlines.

Today, I’ve been searching for jobs (unenthusiastically).  I’m not too sure about the career path that I want to take, so I’ve found it quite stressful. The benefit of being a media student, is the fact that we get taught skills that are transferable across many job sectors. However, the downside to this is that this doesn’t necessarily make you jump out to employers. For me, this is where my list of unpaid internships and placements come in very handy. Unfortunately, today, this isn’t enough to secure a job. To get noticed, your cover letter needs to be foolproof and this is where my flaw becomes evident. So, today I’ve tried to focus intently on creating a unique cover letter – I’m pulling hairs out.

Hopefully your week is as enjoyable as mine and you’ve managed to find some time to relax and laugh because this is very important for our sanity!


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