Unrequited Love

We’ve all been there – we were hopelessly and maybe even desperately in love with someone who didn’t return our love. No matter what we tried or said we were met with disappointment and despair, our deep love was never returned. It’s a tragedy really. In a sense school can feel like a one sided […]

Read EVERY line!

When a student decides to fund his educational experience, that student must be prepared to experience a certain level of delayed gratification in his or her life. That’s my testimony: I am a distant learning student who is funding my education with freelance jobs and a day job because being “in debt” is not an […]

Grad Time….

It’s graduation time again in the West. A time where students celebrate the milestone of completing their studies in elaborate ceremonies that are littered with family members and supporters. As I watched my friends receive their degrees through LIVE streaming, I began to cry for joy in my living room. I am proud of their success […]

It serves as FUEL

Nothing pierces the heart like a low grade on an assignment you were convinced you would do excellently in; but bad grades do happen to good students occasionally and they should serve as power packed messages that tell us of ways in which we can do better the next time. The waiting period between handing […]

Recipe for Success….

In the US back in the 19th century, the growth of urbanization and literacy among the population saw the establishment of papers that not only met the commercial and political needs of high end subscribers but also the needs of the lower class readers. The newspaper became a mirror reflecting the happenings of the society […]

Stay Relevant

In the 1940’s, Harold D. Lasswell, introduced the term “mass communication” to highlight the conditions and changes that seized his community at the time. As society further developed and began to transition to a more highly organized and centralized industrial one, concepts of mass communication and methodologies were challenged and changed to effectively cater to […]

What’s YOUR Brand?

Even without opening ours mouth, we demonstrate who we are and what we stand for by our dress, postures, gestures, scents…..even before others meet us face to face they have already monitored or researched us using google…Social media et al., and whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a brand that […]


You committed yourself to completing the assignment, two weeks before the deadline; you promised yourself that you will exercise three times a week; you planned to eliminate artificial sweets from your diet because they increase your fatigue while studying; you scheduled three hours a day to study your module work. Your plans sounds excellent, you […]

The Reality of Grad School

The reality of graduate school is that it’s more than an ambitious word that has the potential to roll nicely off of your tongue – it’s life changing and if you are not mindful it can change you into someone or something you do not realize. It’s stressful. It’s time consuming. It’s challenging. It stretches […]

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