Semester 2 Update

This is already proving to be my most difficult and stressful time at University of Leicester, as I a currently in the middle of completing my dissertation research and other module deadliness. I thought I would provide some advice for students who are also going through the same thing: Set yourself realistic targets: you may […]

Semester 1:

One of the best things about the Christmas holidays is that most of my friends are home from university. This catch up with friends has allowed me to reflect on being a third year student so far. The key aspects of this term were: Commuting to University: So this year I decided to live at […]

Intuition or Intellect?

I’m now a fully fledged, overwhelmed third year student, who finds herself moaning on all social network platforms and complaining about the trials and tribulations of the final year, whilst finding the work load immensely challenging. Moreover, trying to explain this to your employer (who wants to keep upping your shifts) , becomes increasingly difficult […]

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