Semester 2 Update

This is already proving to be my most difficult and stressful time at University of Leicester, as I a currently in the middle of completing my dissertation research and other module deadliness. I thought I would provide some advice for students who are also going through the same thing: Set yourself realistic targets: you may […]

10 days left until exams begin…

…and I’ve just started revision today. Why do I never learn from my past mistakes of rushing revision in the last few days? Why is it that it always comes to exams and I’m in a massive rush or cramming as many scholars, theories and dates into my mind? One of the modules called ‘Television […]

Analysing television shows as doing real work

Hi there readers, I wanted to talk today about the idea of watching television shows and analysing the elements within television shows as doing ‘work’. I get a lot of grief from my friends who laugh at the idea of studying a module such as Television Studies where we watch television shows within out lectures. […]

Spring has sprung, but there is a plethora of work to be done

I remember when I was in secondary school when Christmas and Easter break was a time where you could truly relax and enjoy whatever weather came your way. Christmas time was full of snow and Easter time was full of sunshine. This year, you may find that this Easter has also been somewhat snowy. However, […]

The new dawn of sitcom: Community shows us the way

Hello readers, I thought I would take a break this week from me normally talking about how great Leicester is as a city,living the student life while at the University of Leicester and being a Media and Communications student and share with you an assignment I have had to do for the MS2008 module where […]

Exam results are in! The real problems with exams

Exams. The word sends students on all night revision sessions, aided by ProPlus and Red Bull. It is also a word that gives students a horrible deep sickening feeling in their stomachs when they realise they have learned nothing over the past few months in their modules. But why do we put ourselves through this? […]

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