First full month into summer…

I have been very busy lately, so please excuse my poor blogging turnout recently. Since been back home in London for four weeks, I have been trying to find a job so I can get some money while being back at home. Money that is well needed for rent and for the upcoming academic year. […]

End of year festivities!

In my last blog, I spoke about how I am venturing into being a third year Media and Communications student in the University of Leicester. I spoke about having to already think about what my 15,000 word dissertation will be about and mentally preparing for writing such an enormous piece of work which will count […]

Analysing television shows as doing real work

Hi there readers, I wanted to talk today about the idea of watching television shows and analysing the elements within television shows as doing ‘work’. I get a lot of grief from my friends who laugh at the idea of studying a module such as Television Studies where we watch television shows within out lectures. […]

Spring has sprung, but there is a plethora of work to be done

I remember when I was in secondary school when Christmas and Easter break was a time where you could truly relax and enjoy whatever weather came your way. Christmas time was full of snow and Easter time was full of sunshine. This year, you may find that this Easter has also been somewhat snowy. However, […]

High school stereotypes, cliques and misfits? Not in University

In the famous words of Kanye West – “ain’t nobody messing with my clique”. I tend to find that whatever the subject or story in life, Kanye West, being the lyrical genius that he is, has the right song for it. I have just finished watching the film The Breakfast Club. For those of you […]

University of Leicester: Student Bucket List

As a student of the University of Leicester, I thought I would come up with a list of essential things you need to do when you arrive at the university to make the best of your time here. If you are thinking of studying Media and Communications then you will be doing a three-year course. […]

End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Three)

This is my final 2012 review, since you know, 2012 is totally in the past! As I’ve said before, I did this review so if you’re thinking about going to university, you can see an accurate glimpse of the student life, which is not provided by E4 and Skins. Please make sure you have checked […]

End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Two)

End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Two)

Continuing on from my blog last week, I decided to review my student year in words, pictures and emotions 🙂 If you haven’t seen part one of the blog, then check it out here! If not, then I’ll continue so keep reading. May This was the month where I had my second set of university […]

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