Graduate Gateway

During the last week of term I attended a Careers Development talk regarding the Graduate Gateway scheme University of Leicester offers. This is a programme of paid fixed-term and permanent graduate jobs in a variety of areas, usually in SMEs and also in different departments within the University.   This programme is exclusive to University […]

Grad Time….

It’s graduation time again in the West. A time where students celebrate the milestone of completing their studies in elaborate ceremonies that are littered with family members and supporters. As I watched my friends receive their degrees through LIVE streaming, I began to cry for joy in my living room. I am proud of their success […]

Ups and downs of being in education

Ever since I attended primary school, my teachers have stressed the importance of going into university to gain more education and reap the benefits of a degree through high skilled jobs. In secondary school, they tempted us by saying the average salary of people who attend university is much higher than a person’s salary if […]

(Above: Top ten subject ranking table of Communication & Media Studies from the 2014 Complete University Guide Table)

University of Leicester ranked 16th in The Complete University Guide – but what does that mean?

Being a prospective student, you have probably searched all the university ranking tables to see which position universities are in. While this is a good idea, personally I would not take ranking tables too seriously. In this blog entry, I will tell you how to approach these tables and some good tips for deciding if […]

Why studying Media and Communications is the best degree to do in 2013

I take it if you’re thinking of studying Media and Communications, then you are getting a bunch of grief from your family and friends to “study a real degree”. In this entry, I’ve decided to list five reasons why studying Media and Communications is not only the best degree to study in this current day […]

Exam results are in! The real problems with exams

Exams. The word sends students on all night revision sessions, aided by ProPlus and Red Bull. It is also a word that gives students a horrible deep sickening feeling in their stomachs when they realise they have learned nothing over the past few months in their modules. But why do we put ourselves through this? […]

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