Veggies for days!

Veggies for days!

As my time at Leicester draws to a close, I’ve started to look back on the city with nothing but adoration. Some of the novelties that I tended to ignore as a fresher, have now developed to become the aspects of Leicester that I love. If you’re a food lover then you would struggle to […]

Checking out or checking in?

I know I’m a Media and Comms blogger, but due to the fact that I have a split degree, every now and then I like to give my neglected topic Sociology, some overdue TLC. Last semester, I took a Sociology module known as ‘Drugs and Society’ which covered the concept of ‘doping’ in sport (using […]

Procrastination to the max…

As exam period now stands before most of us, we all frantically put our library cards to use. The endless lecture notes have been uploaded and numerous emails providing ‘tips and tricks’ seem to be flowing in nicely. Usually, being a bit of an anxious person, this would be my cue to enter panic mode. […]

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