Holiday Fever

The Holiday Season is upon us! The festivities have begun! There is so much love and camaraderie in the air – it warms my spirit! But in all the excitement and hustle and bustle of the season, what happens to the student caught in the middle of the excitement? Do we hibernate and dodge joining […]

To Know Thyself

As we become engrossed in our study schedules, we begin to learn more about our societies as well as who we are. When we know who we are, we are better able to make wiser and smarter decisions that will healthily impact our lives. A deeper knowledge of who we are equips us with the […]

The Surprising Enjoyment Behind a Media and Sociology Degree

Hey, I’m Nia and I’m excited to present to you, my first blog post for the Media department. Firstly, I thought it would be relatively helpful to introduce you to the world of a Media and Sociology degree in order to help you in understanding the working cogs behind my course. If I’m being honest, […]

Venturing into third year as a Media and Communications student

With exams finished for another academic year, all attention turns onto being a third year student. I have a dissertation workshop class to attend next week in which we will be told how to complete our 15,000 word dissertation on a topic of our choosing relating to media studies. Even with our exams completed, there […]

Ups and downs of being in education

Ever since I attended primary school, my teachers have stressed the importance of going into university to gain more education and reap the benefits of a degree through high skilled jobs. In secondary school, they tempted us by saying the average salary of people who attend university is much higher than a person’s salary if […]

10 days left until exams begin…

…and I’ve just started revision today. Why do I never learn from my past mistakes of rushing revision in the last few days? Why is it that it always comes to exams and I’m in a massive rush or cramming as many scholars, theories and dates into my mind? One of the modules called ‘Television […]

(Above: Top ten subject ranking table of Communication & Media Studies from the 2014 Complete University Guide Table)

University of Leicester ranked 16th in The Complete University Guide – but what does that mean?

Being a prospective student, you have probably searched all the university ranking tables to see which position universities are in. While this is a good idea, personally I would not take ranking tables too seriously. In this blog entry, I will tell you how to approach these tables and some good tips for deciding if […]

Spring has sprung, but there is a plethora of work to be done

I remember when I was in secondary school when Christmas and Easter break was a time where you could truly relax and enjoy whatever weather came your way. Christmas time was full of snow and Easter time was full of sunshine. This year, you may find that this Easter has also been somewhat snowy. However, […]

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