Tips and tricks into the getting experience in the media industry – Part Two

This month, I will be focusing on the media industry and what that entails for prospective or current students wishing to have a media orientated career. If you haven’t already seen my last post, then I would strongly advise you read part one of the series first before reading this blog post. In my last […]

Tips and tricks into the getting experience in the media industry – Part One

This month of August, I will be blogging about careers in media and how you can find yourself working in the field of dreams. That’s if you dream of working in media If not then you can use my next few blogs and apply it to whatever field you dream about working in post-graduation. So […]

First full month into summer…

I have been very busy lately, so please excuse my poor blogging turnout recently. Since been back home in London for four weeks, I have been trying to find a job so I can get some money while being back at home. Money that is well needed for rent and for the upcoming academic year. […]

Ups and downs of being in education

Ever since I attended primary school, my teachers have stressed the importance of going into university to gain more education and reap the benefits of a degree through high skilled jobs. In secondary school, they tempted us by saying the average salary of people who attend university is much higher than a person’s salary if […]

Analysing television shows as doing real work

Hi there readers, I wanted to talk today about the idea of watching television shows and analysing the elements within television shows as doing ‘work’. I get a lot of grief from my friends who laugh at the idea of studying a module such as Television Studies where we watch television shows within out lectures. […]

The Leveson Inquiry: Culture, Practices and Ethics

If you are going to be a Media and Communications student at the University of Leicester then you have to know two things. Firstly, that the Media and Communications course is amazing. Secondly, is the Leveson Inquiry. It’s the biggest thing to ever happen in the past century with the newspaper industry in the UK. […]

End of Year Review: 2012 in words, pictures and emotions (Part Three)

This is my final 2012 review, since you know, 2012 is totally in the past! As I’ve said before, I did this review so if you’re thinking about going to university, you can see an accurate glimpse of the student life, which is not provided by E4 and Skins. Please make sure you have checked […]

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