Coffee Breaks with the Moustache Flask

Costa Coffee Medium Mocha (my usual beverage) = £2.35
Days that will be spent next block at the Leicester General Hospital around tempting Medium Mochas = 5 (per week)

5 x £2.35 = £11.75!

That equates to the same as ¾ of my food budget, petrol money for 2 trips home, a cosy looking jumper from H&M or 11 plastic tiara’s from the pound shop (one can never have too many tiaras).

A few weeks ago I was reading Jenny’s (Mathematics blogger) fantastic post about budgeting at University ( and I have since mulled over the idea of investing in a flask.

Luckily for me I received a handsome red one for Christmas from my housemate!

As soon as I saw it (picture the shimmering flowers and made-to-be music) I knew my flask had potential…

So grabbing my trustee sharpie and a dictionary I busied myself with bringing out his full potential-

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Not only will my flask save me some tiara money but also time. As a medical student in my clinical years my schedule can become pretty hectic and I’ll sometimes find I have to travel from one hospital site to another for a clinic (via the Hospital Hopper which is a life saver and free with a University of Leicester Medical Student Card!!).

Having a mid morning coffee is important to me for recharging my energy levels. The few minutes I have to myself gives me time me to clear my head to carry out the rest of my mornings activities without getting overworked and stressed. The nature of medicine means that some days will just be hectic and I won’t have time to run and grab a coffee let alone think, so having a flask in my bag means that if I can snatch a few minutes walking from one ward to the next I can take advantage of it!

Never underestimate the importance of breaks!

(Also, I stand by the fact that a tiara or a dandy moustache will brighten anyone’s day)photo (6)

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2 responses to “Coffee Breaks with the Moustache Flask”

  1. Kelly R.

    This made me giggle so much Liberty-Breeze!! I might try this the next time I recieve an extra special gift!!

  2. Jenny

    Wow! This is amazing! I’m loving the customisation

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