Busy Bee-itis (and 5th year officially begins)

Forgive me if you see me next and I no longer have any hair… this maybe normal for a 5th year medic at this point who is caught up at the moment in a flurry of “foundation application”, “elective organisation” and “general this is the last year drama”. I’ll be talking a lot more about those these next few weeks but right now I do feel another list is coming on.

Before you ask the Foundation Application is where 5th year medics sit down and look at the whole of the UK and ask themselves “Where do I want to work in the next 2 years?” A question which has many sub questions such as “Where would I like to live?” and “What is the town centre like?” and “Does this place have a good vibe” and “Will it be a good deanery to learn in?” Several of these questions where answered when sitting down with Dad and finding out exactly where ‘Staffordshire’ actually is (being a lorry driver he is such an expert on places in the UK we call him Dadnav!)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again to any new students, returning students or people in general- whenever everything seems overwhelming make a list, break down everything and just start getting the tick boxes checked off and you’ll realise everything is getting done a lot easier and more manageable!


Particularly if you’re just about to start at University where you’re swamped with paper work and registration and can’t decide between University hall registration or shopping for a saucepan!

I promise that I will get more interesting after more of these boxes have been ticked (it is my birthday this month after all)!

Till then,


P.s. I should probably point out that when I say that “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again” I must admit that the more accurate quote is “Mum’s said it before”!

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