Paediatrics- kids say the darnedest things!

So I am casually but ever the observant standing at the periphery of the doctors on the ward round. I’ve earned my keep by fetching the foundation doctor the notes and observation charts, I know where the next set I’ll be required it retrieve is located so now all for me to do is to observe the consultants continued management plan and absorb some knowledge. All squeezed together in the bay it’s easy for me to be pushed to the back and peer at the patient over the nurses shoulder.

The little three year old boy in question looks at each person in turn as if he is analysing the multidisciplinary team.

When his gaze falls on my slightly hidden frame, he stops scowls and points!

“What’s she doing here?”

Sometimes I think the same thing! Is what I almost reply. With medicine (and I’m sure in other courses) there is guidance to what to learn and how to go about it but ultimately you are and learning experience. Sometimes it may take a precocious 3 year old to point it out and sometimes you’ll realise that occasionally you’re not making the most of the learning opportunities.

Ask yourself how can I make sure that I am actually learning?

So I reply,

“I’m Liberty and I’m learning how to be a doctor”

He thinks about this.

“Does that mean you read lots of books?”

See even 3 year olds sympathise with the workload of a medical student!

“Yes, some of them a so big they don’t fit in my hand.”

It’s true, reading some of the anatomy books is like a mini arm work out!

“Oh wow. Do you like Postman Pat?”

The consultation then proceeded with me chatting to the little fellow about postman pat, distracting him enough for the foundation doctor to take some blood.

I defintely prefer postman pat chats to dawdling in the back during ward rounds!

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