PJ Pubcrawl 2013- Student Costumes at their Best!

What is Pj Pubcrawl you may ask? Well it is a long standing Leicester Medical School tradition whereby the new students ‘freshers’ are dressed in their pyjamas whilst the older years, new foundation doctors and even some registrars (1 epic registrar has been to 11) dress up in ridiculously epic outfits and generally have a jolly good time!

After your first PJ Pub Crawl or PJPC as the seasoned PJPC-ers call it you’re generally wondering from the next July what outfit you’re going to create!

The thing is with PJPC is you can;t really describe how much effort goes into it, so I guess the easiest thing is to share a few photos with you (from the LUSUMA website)






Viking Ship + Vikings!


Lego Men!!

Action Men in Boxes (Ready For Action)


Army Men!


Sesameeeee Street!!

And they’re just a few! Everyone always takes it so seriously its wonderful to see people so dressed up and having great time. One of the best things about Leicester Medical School is that at times like this you’ve got the older years and the younger years all having a very good time together! You see people you may not have seen for a while and you chat to the people in the year above and below you!

See if you can guess my outfits over the years!

(Click the links for answers!)


Hint: Playground Currency for any cool 8/9/10 year old! (look closely at the facepaint)
“Gotta Catch them all”
What am I?

The Glitter= Shiny!

Angry Bird Pig

Hint: Very addictive app featuring animals of the Aves and porcine variety +/- explosives
Who Am I?
(Imagine 12 of us all running around 6 on each team)


Hint: Classic Kids Cartoon (we’re talking 70’s here) may have caught it late on Cartoon Network/Boomerang
..and now here they are! The most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels”
Who am I?
(there was about 12 of us all lined up in our cars racing down London Road) 

futurama heads

Hint: In this TV show President Nixon is one of them and is currently the president of Earth
What am I?
We were definitely not up till 2am the previous night constructing these!

I keep telling you how rock and roll Medicine really is whether we’re plastering casts or papermache!
Till next time


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