When We Were Young- Returning to Secondary School as a Medical Student!

Be organised, I learnt that at Secondary School, I ┬álearnt pretty early on that carrying all of my workbooks in my bag was only going to give me a backache and really I should prepare the bag the night before instead of playing on Habbohotel or Spyro the Dragon or MSN messaging my mates… plus all the other cool past times of a drama-loving game-playing chatterbox nerdy 16 year old Liberty!

I also remember around my GCSE year having to come to terms with the fact that I needed to make choices that would affect which path my life took. College applications, A-level choices AND WHO WAS GOING TO COME TO MY SWEET SIXTEEN BIRTHDAY PARTY?? Very stressful indeed.

Consultants on the ward teach the Specialist Registrars, Foundation Doctors and Medical Students.

Specialist Registrars on the ward teach Foundation Doctors and Medical Students.

Foundation Doctors on the ward teach Medical Students.

And the Medical Students…

Well I believe we as Medical Students are best placed to aid not just those in the younger years but also aspiring medical students. I could even take this further- as a mixed raced student from a working class background I am very passionate about raising the aspirations of any student from a working class background to reach their full potential, be it Medicine, Astrophysics or Plumbing! I believe that everyone is good at something, I must say without sounding sappy that I do feel lucky to be studying and eventually working in a job that I enjoy.

So I trundled off to Sir Jonathan North Community College after my Oncology Clinic armed with leaflets, feedback forms and a powerpoint to give a 30 min talk to students interested in Studying Medicine. I expected 10-15, there were at least 40 girls in the room! It was wonderful, I enjoyed it and I wish the girls so much luck whether they decide to pursue a career in medicine or not.

The journey to Medicine, University or Apprenticeships can be daunting but who best to give advice than someone who has just been through the process! AND who enjoys it!

Seriously if you haven’t already consider going back to your Secondary School I would highly advise it, your enthusiasm for a subject might just be what someone needs to think ‘hey I can do that’.


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“I liked the way she explained the process of applying to medicine, she made it sound achievable”

Inspiring minds and drinking coffee 2K13!

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