Situational Judgement Test- Trusting your Gut Instincts


They say you can’t revise for it and yet it will comprise 50% of my score for applying to foundation schools and so the panic sets in. The questions outline a scenario that I may well be placed in as an FY1/FY2. There are 2 types of questions one where I have to choose the appropriate response or rank where I rank my order of most appropriate action to least. The idea of the SJT is to ascertain that I am a sensible, organised and appropriately behaved human being who understands the importance of effective communication and patient focused care.

Example Question:

You’re a 5th year Medical Student who for the past month has been pouring over countless SJT questions, fighting with the books and reading GMC Guidelines. It’s getting late but you’re still compelled to keep working even though you have an early start in theatre tomorrow.

Rank in order the following actions in response to the situation.
A. See if you can keep working for another hour and re-evaluate your tiredness.
B. Drink some strong coffee, the caffeine will give you the boost you need to keep going late into the night/early morning.
C. Give up, pull out of the Foundation Application and book a holiday to Ibiza.
D. Breathe. Realise that you have achieved a lot thus far, sleep is necessary to function tomorrow so put on your jimjams, get some hot chocolate and head off to bed to wake up with fresh eyes tomorrow.
E. Call Mum, have a good cry and go to bed.

Answers: DEABC

D is the most appropriate answer for this scenario as it addresses the immediate concern (my worrying) and also the later concern (of me being rested in the morning for theatres). The answer also implies that the student will feel overall more confident and self-assured.

is more preferable to AB as ‘Mums’ are the super beings of making things better and this therefore addresses the immediate concern whilst also addressing the later concern. The answer is not as good as D as it implies that the student is still feeling unconfident.

is preferable to B as A suggests that the situation will be re-evaluated and thus the student may go get some rest sooner than in B.

C is the least preferable (though often desirable) giving up will not remedy the situation in the short term or the long term (although sometimes I do feel like a big long break and a holiday!)

I guess the only thing at this stage to do is trust my gut and my good judgement, I have confidence in myself and I am determined to not be phased by the looming paper!

The test is Friday so we’ll see how many Emergency Calls to Mum are made between now and the paper!

Till next time in this busy busy final year,

Wish me luck!!


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2 responses to “Situational Judgement Test- Trusting your Gut Instincts”

  1. Pamela

    Love this post! Been doing the same test as part of some applications and really have found if all else fails, just trust your instincts 🙂

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