Feeling a little Spoilt- Start of Elective in Antigua

There is 1 MRI machine for the whole of the East Caribbean. The CT machine is currently broken. To get an echocardiography you have to go private.
Back at the Leicester Royal Infirmary I have witnessed countless times when in the appropriate situations these investigations have been ordered and several times been life-saving and so the adjustment regarding the investigations side of medicine has been difficult.

At the heart of it though the physiology is the same, pathology is the same, it is the same language of medicine that I have come to understand over the 5 years!

Still you can’t help feeling a little bit spoilt thinking about back in e uk with blood results at your electronic finger tips and a range of tools to aid your diagnosis!

What it does do however is reinforce the teaching that there must always be a reason for ordering a test, never do it just because! I find myself thinking about that a lot these days as I fill out the blood forms by hand (under supervision) and collect the results from the lab (if they haven’t gone awry).

Like I said the language of medicine is the same but I’m starting to appreciate everything just a little more.



There are worse places to reflect than on the beach

Still adventuring,



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