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It’s 6.59AM and approaching 12pm UK time, with my sensible hospital shoes clutched in my hand I’m trudging along the beach to the only Wifi spot in Old Road (the village I was staying in in Antigua). I’m trying not to trip over in the sand as I’m wearing my clothes ready for work. As I step over the threshold into the beachside resort I feel my phone rumble ┬áin my pocket… the emails arrived. I drop everything and fumble around in my pocket, the seas lapping against the shore, the sands clinging to my toes and the suns illuminating the soft trickles of sweat that slink down my cheeks…


I have passed my final exams and so it is my pleasure to update you all and say that I am now well and truly on my way to graduating Medical School!

dr lib

So what have I been getting up to on my Elective you ask well…


Eating lots of Caribbean Food, my family were like “We know you’re Caribbean Gal because ya eat all ya food!”




Casually drinking coconut water, One of my Aunts called me over and was like “Do you like Jelly Water?” I replied yes of course imagining the jelly on the plate variety… turns out Jelly water is immature coconut milk, the flesh is all squishy inside so ou drink the milk and scoop out the jelly! Yum and straight from my Uncles Coconut Tree in his Garden!


Casually attended a Shaggy Concert! Absolutely fantastic, I remember dancing to Angel when I was 11 convinced that it was truly the most romantic song in the world (as it so happens that during a school disco when that song came on as I was dancing my crush elbowed me in the forehead by accident… we were no longer holding hands after that incident). Still it was a fantastic show in an even more fantastic location!


So the only place I could get Wifi in the village I was staying in was on the beach… there are worse places to check your emails!!


My favourite picture of myself and the Antiguan Interns taking a much needed break on the beach… typically working by Caribbean time they turned upa couple of hours late… but they did bring music and chicken!




My very lovely knitted Rasta Hat, possibly one of the only hats I’ve ever acquired that actually contains all of my hair!

IMG_1092 IMG_1159Exploring Antiguan Countryside on Long walks with my Great Aunt!



Skyping the baby bully and then coming back to find the baby bully is now a barrel!

It was definitely an Adventure!

Till next time as my world becomes a flurry of deadlines, paperwork and shadowing,


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