Finished my Last Shadowing Post as a Medical Student




“You do realise that’s the last time you can say- but I’m a medical student!” The FY2 mutters as he scribbles corrections over my scrawl and thrusts the second set of notes in my hands.

“I’ve just started this clinical rotation.” The day before the end of block exam.

“I’ve just started clinical medicine.” In the middle of fifth year.

“It’s my first day.” Last week of my last block of senior rotation.

All jokes aside I tend to be one of those people that suppresses the urge to hide in the treatment room and throws themselves into clinical situations, I learn a lot and tend to think of the above excuses a lot later when they’re no longer applicable (usually when brushing my teeth before bed)!

I’m about to be thrust into the big wide scary world of Foundation Year 1 and currently for 2 weeks I’ve been shadowing an FY2.

My face is scrunched up, I’m furtively writing as fast as I can, I’m willing the pen to move faster as the reg reals off his findings and then his plan, the FY2 I’m shadowing in my assistantship whispers the key points I need to document and as if on cue the notes topple out of my hand and splatter spectacularly onto the floor.

“Refer the patient for a cardiac MRI.” The reg mutters before moving onto the next patient.

This I’m sure is a taster of what’s to come next year. So far I’ve learnt that I can’t write as fast as I thought, the computer system still baffles me and patients notes definitely also take coffee breaks particularly when I’m trying to find them!

So I’m presented with a few choices!

1. Hide in the treatment room.

2. Throw myself into foundation year and see what happens whilst simultaneously suppressing urge to run and hide in treatment room.

I reckon I can do this! Doctors have done this before and doctors will have to do this after me!

Besides come the 6th August I’ll be able to say- It’s my first day!

The second day is always the better of the two!


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2 responses to “Finished my Last Shadowing Post as a Medical Student”

  1. Amy Kitchener

    How exciting!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, I am starting the graduate medicine course at Leicester this September so its been nice to get an idea of what I have to come!
    Best of luck!!!

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