In the Voice of Dr Nick Riviera “Bye, Everybody!”

Graduation is on the horizon, it feels like the home stretch and somewhere past the last mark is my first job as a Foundation Doctor in Leeds. Somewhere between making sure all my paperwork is in, tickets are booked and ordering the largest graduation hat to cover my afro hair it starts to hit me that this is actually happening- my medical school career has come to an end and I am about to start a new adventure as a Doctor.

Whenever I meet anyone thinking of studying medicine the first thing I tell them is that-

“Medicine is Hard Work but if it’s what you want to do then you nerdily enjoy it!”

Through the lectures, cadavre dissections, tears and theory you’re accumulating this vast medical knowledge ready to put into practice come your clinical years and beyond. I remember spending hours carefully shading my anatomy colouring book and now when a patient points to where the pain localises I have a rough idea of what’s underneath and my brain starts calculating the possibilities before I’ve even picked up my pen to start documenting.

And sometimes you cant stop the calculations, Medicine seeping into daily life as you make spot diagnoses on the way to buy milk from Sainsburys (Gentlemen with Parkinsonian Shuffle to my right), you look at the dinosaur skeletons in the museum and realise how similar the vertebrae’s are to humans, chicken on the bone never looks the same again because you recognise the muscle and the vessels and it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to point out every Medical Inaccuracy in every TV Show and film even if your little sisters groan and threaten to turn it off.

It has been a long road from playing Beenie baby hospital where petals and toilet paper cured most stuffed animal ailments. Whilst I’m in awe of how far I’ve come I know there is still a long way to go, Leicester Medical School has given me the building blocks to be a competent and compassionate doctor on the wards come this August. My clinical years to come will shape and refine these skills and I will only keep looking back to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve enjoyed the journey.

To all the prospective Medical Students who have been following my blog, if you are determined, hard working and believe in yourself you can do anything!

To all the first year Medical Students who enjoyed reading my blog enough to tell me about it, you ladies and gentleman are wonderful and you continually would brighten my day whenever you stopped to mention that you have read, liken or had been inspired to come to the University of Leicester by a post!

To all my friends and colleagues at Leicester Medical School you have been a fabulous bunch!

And thank you to my loyal fan club consisting of Mum and Mommar who have followed every post!

Medicine has been a tough road but I did it, like doctors before me and doctors who will come after me!

I’ve always been told to

“Reach for the Moon because even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars”

As I wait to receive my degree I can tell you now that my Red or Dead heels are planted firmly on the moons surface as I dance a celebratory jig under the stars.

Trust me, I am a Doctor!


Thank you, Good Luck and I’m off to change all my paperwork from Miss to Dr

~ Liberty





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