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I have mentioned before that the student society which I have been most involved in throughout my time at university has been the Leicester University Asian Dance Society.

This year has been a great one for us. As well as the weekly dance classes and multiple performances, we grew this year in many ways. We held our first club night, AAJE NACHLE, which was at the club Venom. As well as our performance at Leicester Diwali celebrations in Cossington park, we took part in three performances for major university events which all fell in the space of 3 weeks (two of which were 3 days apart)

The videa of our latest performance at DIYA -the Hindu society ball, is on our Facebook page “Leicester Uni Asian Dance Soc”

One of these performances was for our own dinner and dance, SITARA! This was a great success, with performances from the DMU steppers, DMU Bollywood Society, UOL and DMU Bhangra Society, Keertana and Neil (singing and guitar duo) and of course Asian Dance Society. We also had yummy food from our sponsors, Santhis.

A massive achievement this year was the Southampton classical dance competition, THAALA! Our classical dance officers led a team of 6 extremely talented classical dancers and they ended up winning the large group section of the competition.

Overall, although it’s been a really great year in terms of achievements and performances, the thing I’ve loved most is our family growing and growing. The family vibe has never been lost and I’ve made so many more amazing friends this year. I am so sad that I will not be a partof the society next year, because I am going off to do an intercalated degree. Good luck to ADS next year! And if you’re in Leicester or joining the uni -I encourage you to join this society, if not for the dance or culture, then for the family!

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