Things to do on outblock

Phase 2 is the time where everyone is split off into different placements. You get to choose one or two people to go with as your clinical partners, but other than that where you start of is completely random/ This can be a great way to make friends with whom you may have never met […]

Asian Dance Society

I have mentioned before that the student society which I have been most involved in throughout my time at university has been the Leicester University Asian Dance Society. This year has been a great one for us. As well as the weekly dance classes and multiple performances, we grew this year in many ways. We […]

PJ Pubcrawl 2013- Student Costumes at their Best!

PJ Pubcrawl 2013- Student Costumes at their Best!

What is Pj Pubcrawl you may ask? Well it is a long standing Leicester Medical School tradition whereby the new students ‘freshers’ are dressed in their pyjamas whilst the older years, new foundation doctors and even some registrars (1 epic registrar has been to 11) dress up in ridiculously epic outfits and generally have a […]

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