New Year, Same Me, But Different

So… 2019. To be quite honest I thought it would never come. For me, 2018 has been a long and tough year for various reasons, the main one being: I don’t cope well with change. Lots of things have changed since the beginning of 2018; some good, some bad, some just different. I won’t go […]

Lists, More Lists and Proving I’m Divergent

Lists are great- the adult version of a sticker chart. Perhaps I need to get myself some gold stars! Although some of the tasks are easier said than done and certain other important businesses must take priority. (we had a very sensible and mature discussion in our house about our proposed factions) For all those […]

Situational Judgement Test- Trusting your Gut Instincts

Situational Judgement Test- Trusting your Gut Instincts

They say you can’t revise for it and yet it will comprise 50% of my score for applying to foundation schools and so the panic sets in. The questions outline a scenario that I may well be placed in as an FY1/FY2. There are 2 types of questions one where I have to choose the […]

Busy Bee-itis (and 5th year officially begins)

Busy Bee-itis (and 5th year officially begins)

Forgive me if you see me next and I no longer have any hair… this maybe normal for a 5th year medic at this point who is caught up at the moment in a flurry of “foundation application”, “elective organisation” and “general this is the last year drama”. I’ll be talking a lot more about […]

Procrastination the Student’s Greatest Nemesis

So there’s one week till my end of block exams for obstetrics and gynaecology, there’s a work book that needs doing and I need to get signed off. However I have managed to deliver a baby this block and taken an adequate amount of histories not to mention learned how to perform a pelvic examination […]

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