Dissertation Writing… My tips so far!

Writing a dissertation is a pretty common thing that people have to do at uni, and I’m sure everyone is aware that it’s a huge task. Maintaining interest in a subject for months on end, to produce 12,000 words is quite a mean feat and an incredible achievement. A lot of people have finished their […]

My mental health placement and the danger of PTDD

Well, I do apologise for my relative absence from this blog site the last few weeks. I’m currently doing my Mental Health clinical placement, and have decided that “PTDD” should totally be a thing – Post-Trump Distress Disorder. About 1/5 of the disease burden in the UK is mental health related, which is a testament […]

A year out in the Capital

I have found out that i have been offered a place to do my intercalated degree at King’s College London. I will be undertaking Psychology. I am so excited to be doing this Bsc as it looks incredibly interesting. The Bsc is such a great opportunity to explore a specific area of interest in great […]

My top tips on managing stress

This is a stressful time for a lot of people. From GCSE to University students, everyone is in exam mode at the moment. Here are some top tips to get through this excruciating exam period. Take regular breaks – I have always stuck to the schedule of 1 hour work, 15 minute break then resume […]

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