Semester 2 Begins

STRESS. BUSY. LESSONS. ROUTINE. These have been the buzz words in my life the past few days! After a long relaxing Christmas and a studious but fairly relaxed exam period, classes starting on Monday came as a bit of a shock.

Just 3 days of classes in and I’m already worrying that I can’t manage everything and have that slight sinking feeling in my stomach that there is just so much to do but so little time! It has been a busy start to Semester 2, I’ve started new cultural modules such as Francophonie which is a module about the global French speaking community. I really enjoyed our first class however I forgot how tiring it was listening and noting down French for 2 hours straight, my brain was out of practice!

Amidst starting new classes, I also worked as a Student Ambassador this week and gave a campus tour for some prospective languages students and their parents. They were  a very friendly tour group and asked lots of questions so I enjoyed that shift at work. I also did a presentation about my future career plans for the Leicester Award programme I am currently completing. There are over 15 different Leicester Award programmes and they each help participants to build and improve important career skills such as presenting and how to handle tough interviews. When I complete the award, it will be noted on my degree transcript so I can show employers that I’ve done an extra career based qualification.

Finally, I’ve been submitting lots of health and safety form to the Students’ Union for the Modern Languages Society trip to Paris that leaves tonight! I have 3 hours of classes this morning and then I am going home, packing my suitcase and catching a bus to Dover to catch a ferry to Calais to then arrive in Paris on Friday morning. After a busy week, I am looking forward to a sleep on the 20 hour coach journey, seeing all the sights in Paris as-well as eating plenty of delicious French food. No doubt pictures will follow next week!

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