Were you an April Fool?

It’s not even quarter past 9 and I have already been fooled by my mum claiming that it was snowing yet again outside! But I guess you have to get the pranks in early on April the 1st as if you make a joke after 12pm, the joke is on you.

Already this morning when I have been doing some ‘work’ (okay, general aimless internet surfing!), I have seen several joke articles from various different sources.

Google are claiming to have a new smell based search engine called Google Nose, however intriguingly when you click on the ‘Try Google Nose’, you’re linked to other amusing pages of things that have unique scents. So far I’ve been linked to waffles, campfires and a page about unattended litter boxes! Give it a go for yourself: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en-GB/landing/nose/

The Daily Mail online had a semi-funny article about owls delivering mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2302079/Who-needs-tweet-youve-got-Roy-owl-Mail.html). Although I wish Harry Potter was real, I saw through this one straight away as it was rather farfetched.

Same goes for Virgin’s article about a glass bottomed plane- http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/blog/virgin-atlantic-launches-worlds-first-ever-glass-bottomed-plane

AMAZING idea but rather impractical!

However, my favourite April Fools’ Day joke of all has to be that of my very own University. We all loved the media attention of discovering Richard III so much that apparently ‘archaeologists at the University of Leicester have announced plans for a new, even more ambitious project. They intend to locate and uncover the last resting place of King Richard IV.’

Perhaps I’m biased, being from the University myself but the article really amused me. Check it out and you can see for yourself that even highly esteemed academics at Leicester don’t take themselves too seriously!


That’s all on April Fools’ Day from me for now, keep your wits about you as there’s just under 3 pranking hours to go so you’re nearly home and dry! Feel free to comment with any other pranks/internet jokes you’ve seen today.


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