Stressful Sunday

I’m currently writing this blog from a library computer where I’m surrounded by a heap of books that I’m using to finish off my referencing for my two essays.

Tomorrow is a big day as I have to hand in my essays before 12pm and I have my Spanish speaking exam at 9.40am. I have had a long time to plan, research and write my essays as we had the questions before the Easter holidays however I am very culpable of saying “oh, I’ll research that tomorrow” and putting off writing them day after day! However, the end is definitely in sight now with just a little bit of referencing still to do before I have to physically post them into a collection box on the 11th floor of the Attenborough Tower and also upload it online using a programme called Turnitin that checks for plagiarism and other scary things.

I already had one Spanish oral earlier in the semester which took the form of a presentation however tomorrow’s oral will be in a different format. It is a negotiation between one of my teachers and I where we have to have a discussion in Spanish and reach a mutual decision on a topic. Although we are not allowed any notes, I feel optimistic about tomorrow’s exam as it will be a more familiar scenario to me than presenting formally in Spanish as I’ve had informal negotiations in Spanish before, for example, deciding where to eat with my Spanish exchange partner. So I hope the 4-6 minutes will pass quickly and that I will remember some of the phrases I have prepared that make me sound like an intelligent negotiator.

Very much looking forward to 12pm tomorrow where I think, regardless of how the oral exam goes, I will treat myself to a celebratory lunch!

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