July Open Days

If you are a prospective student reading this blog and you attended last Thursday or last Friday’s University Open Day, you may very well have seen me as I was working as a Student Ambassador over the 2 days.

I love my job, seeing as the Open Days were back to back, the ambassadors stayed back in halls on Wednesday and Thursday night which was really good fun. I managed to spend some quality time with my friend Rosanna who is also an ambassador who I didn’t think that I’d see until after our Year Abroad so that was an unexpected blessing!

I was based at the Oadby Student Village which is where the vast majority of our First Year accommodation is located. On Thursday, I was in charge of greeting visitors who had just arrived on coaches from campus and on Friday, I was giving tours around Beaumont Hall. As I was leader of the other ambassadors who were bus greeters, on Thursday I had a walkie-talkie and a clipboard assigned to me. As soon as I come into contact with a walkie-talkie, my inner child emerges and it is a long standing tradition that all ambassadors have animal themed code-names (My one is Lucky Rabbit!)

Both days were gloriously sunny and I came back from Leicester on Friday with a slightly browner face and flip-flop tan lines from standing out in the sunshine. This may well be the last time I’m in Leicester now until after my Year Abroad and it was with a heavy heart that I got on the train home as there are so many things about my second home that I will miss.

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