Use It or Lose It

This is one of my dad’s favourite mantras when it comes to revising and retaining information; if you don’t use it, it will simply fall by the wayside and be forgotten. The ‘it’ in question that I am so desperate not to lose is my foreign language speaking abilities as very soon be my main mode of communication.

So how can one enjoy a 3 month long summer, without practising in language classes and still retain their language skills? A few things I have been doing to keep it all ticking over are:

1. Following lots of foreign newspaper accounts on Twitter (El País, Le Monde and Le Huff Post are all good ones.) This way whenever I read my Twitter feeds (very regularly, at-least 3 times a day) I am reading French and Spanish without realising I am doing so. Whenever I see a word I don’t know, I look it up. Today I have learned that ‘vengador’ means avenger in Spanish!

2. Leaving my grammar books in the car so that I do a little bit of revision when I’m on my way to various places! Yesterday I revised Y and En in French which I always struggle with.

3. Watching French television. Well, I say this but I haven’t actually done it yet. I intend to get into Les Revenants/The Returned but I’m very easily scared so need to work up the courage before I do this!

However you choose to do it, make sure you do some work over the summer as it will pay off greatly in September time!

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