Les Examens

The Christmas holidays seemed to go far too quickly this year, trying to fit in eating as much as possible, seeing friends and family at home, watching Christmas films and revising for my January exams!

I’ve been back in Paris for just over a week after a wonderful 12 days at home and in that time I’ve finished my January exams. I had one exam in Spanish grammar and the second was a Latin exam which was comprised of both Latin language and questions about Roman civilisation. I definitely remarked some stark contrasts as to how exams are conducted in Leicester to how they are carried out here in Paris.

Firstly, in Leicester, we have the luxury of having a personalised exam timetable emailed to us, however here, it was the usual of consulting lists pinned up on various walls of various departments to find out when/where your exams are. Secondly, at home exams feel very strict and serious, with seat numbers being carefully noted down and a strict no talking policy being enforced. Here, no-one noted down seat numbers and now and then, I saw the odd word being exchanged between the French students! In Leicester apart from the essential writing equipment, a watch and a bottle of water, most other things are prohibited to be on desks whereas here I saw people with photos of their loved ones and even sandwiches and croissants as eating in exams in not forbidden!

Regardless of these small differences, the exams were fairly stressful and I am glad they are over now as my brain was starting to ache from trying to remember so many Latin declensions and Spanish subjunctive conjugations! Good luck to any readers who have January exams or deadlines coming up!

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