Exámenes y La Copa Mundial

Last week was a week of exams and watching World Cup matches. La Copa Mundial is a huge deal for the Spanish, especially as they are reigning champions of the tournament. I was supporting Spain too (it would be rude not to seeing as the country is taking good care of me!) and I was very surprised when they received a 5-1 thrashing (una paliza) against the Netherlands. Grown men were sobbing in the street and the next day there was a sombre atmosphere here. The Spanish commentators have since been assuring us that they are confident Spain will win their next two matches and therefore be able to qualify for the next stage of the competition and I really have everything crossed for them as football is incredibly important here.

When it came to the England match on Saturday, I was hopeful, nervous and tired. Every World Cup, I hope that it could be our year and despite our tough group, I had belief in our team. I was rather tired watching the match though as it started here at midnight so I was struggling to stay awake in the second half! Despite losing, 2-1 is not an awful score and with some good luck we can win our next two games!

Other than getting into the World Cup, I have been revising for my exams and on Thursday and Friday of last week I had one on each day. My Thursday exam was fairly difficult as the questions were multiple choice but the answers very similar which I found confusing. I feel that my French exam on Friday went well though which I was really pleased about, I definitely have more confidence with my French now after living in France and living here with French people.

Just one more exam left now on Wednesday and then I will be free as a bird for summer! I am coming back to Madrid as an au-pair in August so I am glad that when I move home on Saturday, it won’t be a proper goodbye to the city just yet. For now, it is more revision with a bit of football to break up the monotony so good luck to those of you reading who have a team playing in the World Cup!

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