The End of My Erasmus Year

Last Saturday, my Year Abroad officially ended as I got back on a plane to England for the first time in 4 months. As I got into the taxi that took my suitcases and I to the airport, I was overcome with emotion. Seeing my flatmates waving me off made me so sad that I would not see those wonderful people everyday and it really did feel like the end of an amazing chapter of my life.

My weekends will no longer be filled with popping to Barça or Alicante, nor will I eat tapas most days of the week. Glorious sunshine will be replaced with the occasional sunny spell and siestas will not be part of my daily routine now I’m back home. Even strawberries will be £2 a punnet rather than 50 cents! These are just a handful of reasons why I will miss living in Spain so much; I’ve embraced and adapted to the Spanish lifestyle.

This week I’ve been reflecting on the Erasmus experience and I can only hope that its funding will long continue because this year has been invaluable. Not all of a Year Abroad is easy- setting up bank accounts, sorting out my Uni timetable and getting medical care have all been hurdles along the way. But overcoming these issues using my languages has given me confidence in my abilities which I will need going in to the all important 4th year of my degree. As for the opportunities living abroad has provided me, I counted that I visited 14 different cities during my time in France and Spain and spent over 2 and a half days in total on planes, trains and buses! I’ve seen and done so much and loved every minute of exploring.

If you ever have a chance to go on an Erasmus year, you have to do it. This has been the best year of my life yet and has made me so excited for where my languages may take me in the future. ¡Viva Erasmus!

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