Life in the Shire- Cows, BBQs and Results

In my opinion, I live in the best Shire in England- Cheshire! Having not been at home since early February, I was very excited to spend time here after my Year Abroad as even though it’s very quiet around these parts, there is no place like home.

In-fact, one of the things that I was really looking forward to about home was how quiet it is here, especially late at night and early in the morning. Madrid is a city that stays out late so quite often, even during the week, there would be a lot of noise outside my window (a group of men regularly played cards out there until 4am!) Added to this, my shutters weren’t the best so I had street-lights illuminating my room which made it a little difficult to sleep at times. I slept like a baby when I was back in my bed and really enjoyed only being able to hear the distant mooing of cows instead of the drunken ramblings of Spanish men!

Asides from catching up on sleep, I have also been spending time with my friends and family in the week that I have been back here so far. I was at Nando’s with a good friend the day after I got home as it really is a favourite restaurant of mine! I have also been celebrating my dad’s birthday with my family and last weekend, we even managed to have a BBQ as the weather here was beautiful on Sunday.

I received my results from my Spanish university and I really surprised myself that I had done better than I thought I would. 3 of my subjects were 70% or more so that was a huge relief as the Year Abroad counts for 10% of my degree. I’ve seen on Facebook many people posting statuses with their overall degree grade as my friends on other courses finished this year as their degrees are not 4 years long like mine. My super clever housemate from last year got a First in her Geography degree and so many people have done well, I will have a lot to live up to when I graduate next year! If you are expecting results, I wish you lots and lots of luck and hope that you’re all enjoying the (hopefully!) nice summer weather where you are.

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