Go, go, go!

“Your final year will go by so quickly!” Eight words every final year student is told thousands upon thousands of times. Eight words every final year student doubts…until they realise that they’re practically already half way through Term 1.

I cannot describe how fast the last four weeks have gone by. I feel like I can now understand how Wile E. Coyote feels every time the Road Runner zooms past him – I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH IT ALL. It feels like as soon as I’ve completed one piece of work, three more pieces have appeared on my desk and I just don’t understand where it’s all coming from!

Of course, I knew final year was going to be a lot of hard work, but I think I may have ever so slightly underestimated how busy I would find myself. But enough of my complaining! What have I been up to?

I guess I’ll start by saying I had my first assessed piece of work this week. Yep, already! I prepared a 10-12 minute presentation on verbal tenses for my culture module – ‘Boom Literature: Language and Creation’, probably my favourite class this semester as I enjoy studying Latin American literature and the seminar leader is fantastic! I recommend reading a bit of Borges and Fuentes! I was really panicked about the presentation but (fingers crossed) it seemed to go really well! I also headed home for a few days of relaxation and recovery from the dreaded Freshers’ Flu which I appear to have contracted. It was lovely to see my family and friends…and enjoy the central heating student houses can only dream of!

I’ve been super busy over the last week or so as earlier this week I ran for a position on the Students’ Union Union Council. This required a manifesto as well as various documents, so a lot of late nights were had! Fortunately I can reveal that my campaign was a success and on Wednesday I was re-elected onto the Union Zone, I can’t wait to get working on some proposals.

ULBC (Boat Club) has kept me busy too, mainly on the social side – I like to go out as much as I can so that I feel I have a healthy balance between my social life and work life. Every Wednesday means social time for me, and despite the workload (and my Thursday 9AM class), this year has been no exception! I also went on the Modern Languages Society’s first social and, having taken numerous freshers and second years under my wing, I had a fab time – I’ve now been dubbed the “#1 wannabe fresher”, and I can’t deny it – I would give anything to do it all over again!

Enough rambling from me for today – I’m working on tomorrow’s Open Day from 7.45AM and, as you can imagine, I’m going to struggle not to press snooze 11 times.

Until next time, ciao!


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