Real Life Starts Now

When you first arrive at University fresh-faced and full of expectations for the next four years of your life, the end of your degree seems unimaginable. Somehow over three years have passed since I was in that very position and I now have less than nine months of student life remaining.

The first thought that flashes through my mind is how. How has time gone by so quickly? How do I only have one and a bit semesters until I’m (touch wood) a fully fledged graduate? How am I already listening to Christmas playlists in my final year?!

It’s scary. I’ll be brutally honest. Like many of my friends, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be doing in a year’s time, let alone where I’ll be doing it! Up until now, everything has felt so secure and the future has seemed so clear, but now we’re approaching the most important few months of our lives, it feels all too…well, real.

Some people have it all mapped out. Oh, how I envy these people! In the midst of graduate scheme applications, desperate pleas for internships and manic CV writing, currently I couldn’t have it less mapped out. In terms of job applications, November means one thing: deadlines. I don’t get along with deadlines. We fell out some time ago and never quite made up with one another. For me, deadlines = stress. So, with that in mind, you can understand why I’ve been a bundle of stress over the last couple of weeks. It didn’t help that I came down with a nasty bug, forcing me to stay in bed for five days last week.

BUT, and it’s a big but, I am finally feeling fresh again! Maybe not quite as fresh as I felt when I arrived in Leicester back in 2011, but I certainly have my lust for life back and I intend to make the most of the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas. I’ve sent off a couple of graduate scheme applications, so fingers crossed somebody wants to employ me next year! I’ll make sure I let you know! I also got a first in the presentation I mentioned in my last post – hoorah!



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Katie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hola, salut, ciao! I'm Katie and I'm a 4th year European Studies (Spanish and Politics) student. I spent my year abroad teaching in Spain. On top of my studies I love spending time with friends, rowing, shopping, nights out and nights in with rom-coms/plenty of chocolate and, of course, travelling!

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