It’s Not All About The Work

University. Three or more years of essays, exams, presentations, all nighters in the library and exam-related stress. There’s no denying that studying at university is difficult. Yes, it’s stressful. Yes, sometimes you’ll question why you ever thought it was a good idea. Yes, sometimes you’ll struggle to meet a deadline. HOWEVER: the best advice I ever received was to make the most of my university years. Do everything you want to do, try new things and get involved in student life.

There are all kinds of people at university: some like to get stuck in with extracurricular activities, others couldn’t imagine anything worse, and some are indifferent. I, for one, fall into the first category. During my time at the University of Leicester I’ve joined far too many societies and spent far too much time not doing my work. Do I regret any of it? Not even a little bit.

When you eventually graduate and instagram your ‘graduation selfie’, employers aren’t just looking for someone who knows how to study and get good marks. Employers search for graduates who show passion, commitment and demonstrate an ability to manage their time. If I had £1 every time a potential employer asked me about my extracurricular activities or every time a hobby of mine changed someone’s perception of me, I would be a very rich woman.

I guess the point of this post is to say: if you’re thinking about taking up something new, don’t hesitate. It could be the best decision you ever made. As long as you don’t let your work suffer, dedicating some of your spare time to an extracurricular activity gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself and forms another accolade for your CV!

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Katie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hola, salut, ciao! I'm Katie and I'm a 4th year European Studies (Spanish and Politics) student. I spent my year abroad teaching in Spain. On top of my studies I love spending time with friends, rowing, shopping, nights out and nights in with rom-coms/plenty of chocolate and, of course, travelling!

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