Student Living (preferably in a decent house)

So right now, the time has come that many students are panicking about student housing. There are landlords to call, viewing to attend, and when you think everything is finally set up and everyone has agreed, somebody else grabs your house just before you got there!

So indeed, student housing can be a bit of a pain.

But just because it’s all a little tough to organise, should we give up on all comforts of our home? I’d certainly say no. While I’ve been quite lucky that there was not much wrong with my house apart from a cold room, I’ve met many other people who have not been so lucky. You need your comfortable living space to work and function properly, so don’t compromise just because you think it’s high time to sign a contract for a house. Out there there are horror stories of mould and damp that would send any youngster running back to mum’s. So for this reason I’ve compiled a list of tips that could help a student when choosing the right housing in Leicester.

  • Make sure you and your housemates all know what you want; and that what you want is the same as what they want. Before you do anything, you need to agree with your friends what you all expect of your living space. There is no point going to see a house and then finding out one of your mates is not in because it doesn’t meet their personal requirements. See the house as a group if possible.
  • While viewing the house, check for the basics: furniture, double glazing, fridge. You can’t imagine what kind of a difference an extra piece of glass in your window makes. Also check to see if they have any basic kitchen equipment that you may not need to bring, like microwaves, kettles, etc.
  • Check for any signs of decay, such as mould. If they promise it won’t be there after you move in, ask to have that in writing. You can never be too cautious! Remember that it can actually cause health problems.
  • Before moving in, talk to your housemates. When I moved to my house in 2nd year we ended up with four of everything. Four of the same sized pans, four peelers, four casserole dishes… you get the drift. You don’t really need multiple cheese graters unless you’re making a 10 feet pizza so talk to your friends and decide on who’s bringing what.

Remember, you can always ask the University for help. If you’re having trouble with your existing or future landlords, you can talk to the student welfare service, or find a house through Sulets, the agency ran by University.

Happy moving!

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