Why Jane Austen’s appearance on our 10 pound notes is a big deal (even if you’re not a big fan)

While as a Literature student I may be very excited to see my favourite author’s face everyday, there are of course many who find her novels dull, and those who just do not care or know who she is. Either way, I think it is important to note the reasons which make this a great event that we should mark in our calendars.

  • Starting with the obvious, and the most popular one, yes, she is a woman. I’m sure many of us (especially those of the female sex) would love to see more representations of great women on money, especially now that we can, you know, actually make it.
  • She was also incredibly clever. While many consider Pride and Prejudice to be nothing but a great love story, in all her novels Jane Austen repeatedly makes fun of the establishment, ridicules sexism and empowers the weak.
  • It’s great for a currency to represent and show a wide range of people and history that our country can be proud of. A writer that is known around the world as one of the best is surely a wonderful way to do that.
  • Since she was born to a relatively lowly family without means or status to put her on a pedestal she has made herself one of the greatest writers of all time with only her talent. Before she wrote, novels for women were highly ridiculed but with her wit and intelligence she made them into something everyone ought to read. This makes her an inspirational woman for young people to look up to, especially girls.

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