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Today, I will be writing about one of the perks of being a modern language student; the MLSC.


What is it you ask?

It’s the Modern Language Study Centre! One of my favourite places on campus. It’s on the 6th floor in Ken Edwards. It is a great place to study, practise your French, Spanish or Italian and relax. If you are wondering why I’m making such a big deal out of this, then wonder no longer for it is story time!

Once upon a time, there was a young woman starting her first week at university, when she stumbled upon a key that gave her access to this magical realm where she would later meet her new family and friends.


Yes, you guessed it; It’s the MLSC. The key refers to our student cards which only works if you are a modern language student and although my home department is law, my joint degree status gives me access to the MLSC like any other modern language student.


However, this was not always the case.


It was last year, when we were wondering what was wrong with our student cards because the door simply wouldn’t open. We just didn’t have access to it at the time and when this was finally sorted, one would hope that the department would remember to provide the new students with the access they required. However, that didn’t happen as they had to go and sort it out all over again. Let’s hope things improve next year.

(This is the famous suggestion box in the MLSC. I don’t think anyone has used it in the last two years. Nevertheless, it’s there if anyone wants to use it)


The MLSC is basically the home for all modern language students. It’s where I met my ULMLS family (check previous post) and it is just opposite our language labs where we have our oral classes. It’s a great place to focus on your work especially your speaking. There are various resources in French, Spanish and Italian to help you improve your language skills as well as several magazines in same languages and games you can play.

The countless times I spent playing French taboo with friends only served to remind me how much I missed studying the language. There aren’t many students in modern languages in comparison to other departments so chances are you will always run into someone you know. It’s one of the things that I will miss when I’m abroad.


Like always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Until next time,


Cintya 🙂

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