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I promised to write about this when I had the chance, so here it is! You can check my previous post on planning and preparation here.



This past month has been stressful and exhausting, to say the least. I thought I had everything organised with my accommodation when I got an email from the staff apologising, stating that they were fully booked. You can imagine my frustration. I spent weeks researching, sending numerous emails and making sure that I had my accommodation sorted months in advance.



I knew that the sooner I organised my accommodation the better so I made sure to do all my research and contact the relevant residence halls at my earliest convenience. I quickly identified where I wanted to go and made sure that I was sent a reminder as soon as I could book. This meant that I had paid and reserved my spot an hour after they sent me the reminder since they were operating on a first come first served basis. So, you can imagine my surprise when they told me that there weren’t any spaces left.



There I was going through all those techniques I learned on Smart48 (expect a post on this soon) which thankfully helped me put things into perspective. I spoke with a couple of friends and started exploring my options all over again (It’s a good idea to look at your host university website as a starting point). It took a while but in the end, it all worked out. I finally got what I wanted but I wish I handled things differently, especially the stress.



So here I am, after a stressful month, with a list of all the websites I found useful when exploring my options. I hope that this helps those of you who are planning to study in Spain. I also recommend reading this article which gives great advice on all the things you should avoid doing when looking at student accommodation in Spain.


Resa.  You will find RESA in most cities in Spain. They tend to have more than one residence hall in most cities and they have partnered with different universities depending on their location.


Uniplaces.  Most of my friends found accommodation through Uniplaces. You can find lots of affordable places to stay. You can also apply for the Uniplaces scholarship by sharing an act of kindness and if you win you can live rent-free for a semester. It’s worth looking into it. You can find more information here.


Easypiso.  Personally, I liked using Easypiso. I was surprised by the number of messages I got when I first posted on the website. The only problem was that some landlords took their time to reply to my messages. You need to be patient with them.


Vive y estudia.  This is specifically for students who are looking to study in Madrid. Although I didn’t use this as much as Easypiso or Uniplaces, it is still a good website and it has lots of options if you are looking to live with a host family.


Dondememeto.  Just like the previous websites, Dondememeto is simple and straightforward. I wanted to explore my options so I used this to compare with the other options I had from Easypiso and Resa.


Like always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free share any other websites that you have found useful in the comments section below.


Until next time,


Cintya 🙂

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