Erasmus 5: ESN UAM




How is it possible that after a month they can still surprise me?


Wondering who “they” are?


Then wait no longer. I am referring to the lovely ESN team here at my university.


For those of you who don’t know, ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network and if you are an Erasmus student it is imperative to know if your university has an ESN society as they are the most helpful group of people you can find during your mobility.


The ESN team at my host university is without a doubt a great one. From themed nights to bachata classes there is always something going on every week. My favourite event so far was the Welcome Party at this club called Velvet. We also had a scavenger hunt in the city centre which led to our group singing Hakuna Matata in Spanish, that and a lot of running around. Let’s just say it was a unique experience and a great way to start my year abroad.


Let’s not forget about the people that you meet.


Throughout the month, I have met lots of great people during those activities. I was surprised to find how easy it was to meet and befriend other Erasmus students. Everyone is friendly and wants to get to know each other. It’s all about the Erasmus spirit! It didn’t take long for me to connect with them and find my new amazing friend Maria, another Erasmus student just like me, we met on enrolment day in the law department then bonded through my Portuguese surname and the rest is history. She is officially my partner in crime, the yin to my Erasmus yang if that makes sense. Like Maria, there are lots of people, particularly students, that embrace the Erasmus spirit and help you feel right at home. ESN brings us all together and helps us through this unique yet challenging experience. It is all about students helping students and they were clear about that from the very beginning.


As you can probably tell, being a part of the ESN society is a source of happiness if anything else and I strongly suggest getting your ESN card so that you can benefit from all the amazing offers available to you.


Like always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Until next time,


Cintya ?

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