Erasmus 8: How to spend a public holiday in Madrid

Hola chicos!


As I mentioned yesterday, today is a public holiday here in Spain. El día de todos los Santos (Saints day) is considered a national holiday and it is a tradition to have some buñuelos (fried dough ball) which can sometimes be filled with something sweet or savoury depending on your personal preference.


So if you are wondering what to do on a public holiday like this one then wonder no longer as there is always something going on. Madrid has always something to offer; it doesn’t disappoint you.


So what can you do? Especially on a Wednesday, mid-week where you probably have a lot going on and the temptation to stay at home and rest can be far more alluring than going out. At least for some of us because the natives don’t seem to agree with that as today seems to be the day where you will find more natives than tourists in the centre. It also seems to be the perfect day to go out dressed up in any outfit you want as you won’t be criticized. Even the people who you always see in the centre with a Mickey, Minnie and Pikachu costume made sure to dress up their respective characters for today’s festivities which in itself was interesting to see.


It is also the perfect day to visit the Palacio Real which was free today from 4 to 6 pm. You could also go and see the Sabatini Gardens, situated on the north side of the Palace where you would have seen lots of people with their Halloween costumes taking interesting pictures (even though Halloween is technically over).

From visiting museums to walking down El Retiro there is always something for everyone.
It was indeed the perfect day to go to the centre and do all the things that you normally can’t find the time to do.

Like always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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